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About company
about company


Engineering Center of Instruments and Computerization

(LLC "ECI & C")


The start of the Company's activity dates back to 1990, when it was segregated into a standalone enterprise from the Kharkov Construction Design Office "Khimavtomatika" (one of the enterprises serving for the military system of the former Soviet Union). The core of the Company's staff was composed of specialists with considerable experience in the spheres of instrument-making, automation facilities and control systems; such specialists carried over to the Company the best traditions of former Soviet construction design offices, e.g.: fundamental approach to designing of instruments and control systems, high reliability, perfect product quality, ability to elaborate turnkey products, and warranty and service maintenance.

The Company is a research-and-production complex featuring its own pilot-line production and specializing in:

          Designing,, certification and production of instruments for analytical control of liquid mediums, such as: technical and chemically treated (feed) water, live steam and condensate, wash water, slurry; as well as, solutions of acid, salt, alkaline, and, flammable liquids;

          Designing and introduction of automatic control systems for energy, chemical, food and other sectors of industry.

One of the Company's latest developments indicating its level of proficiency is the complex system for automated control of water-chemistry conditions (ACS WCC) in the water-steam circuits of energy units in thermal power stations; the system incorporates equipment for sample preparation and facilities for measurement and registration, thus ensuring change tracking for all parameters of water-chemistry conditions, and on-line indication of divergence of any parameter, both for energy units and the whole power plant.

The instruments designed by the ECIMC specialists undergo comprehensive testing, and are ideal for controlling both heavily polluted and abrasive-carrying solutions, and especially pure, deeply desalted waters in workshops and analytical laboratories.

We design and manufacture instruments that feature coatings resistance to aggressive environments, and operate in chemical and microelectronic industry, at thermal power plants, atomic power stations, small boiler houses, and in other sectors of industry. Our instruments have undergone prolonged and successful usage as part of the Soviet manned space station "Mir", and currently are used in the astronaut life support systems of the International Space Station.

Use of only the most reliable componenty and advanced technological solutions ensure high reliability and decent external appearance of our instruments.

All serial instruments have been certified under the GosStandard system and entered into the Stage Registers of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Our Customers are companies from Ukraine and the CIS, including:


In the energy sector:

          OJSC "DpenroEnergo" (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);

          OJSC "CentrEnergo" (Kiev, Ukraine);

          LLC "VostokEnergo" (Donetsk, Ukraine);

          OJSC "ZakhidEnergo" (Lvov, Ukraine);

          NNEGC "EnergoAtom" (Kiev, Ukraine); 

          "MosEnergo" (Moscow, Russia);

          "TatEnergo" (Kazan, Russia);

In chemistry and petrochemistry:

          "Odessa Port Plant" (Odessa, Ukraine);

          PE (Production Enterprise)

          "AZOT" (Severodonetsk, Ukraine); 

          PE "AZOT" (Cherkassy, Ukraine); 

          PE "AZOT" (Rovno, Ukraine);

          OJSC "Chernigov Khimvolokno" (Chernigov, Ukraine); 

          Kherson Petroleum Refining Plant (Kherson, Ukraine); 

          Lisichansk Petroleum Refining Plant (Lisichansk, Ukraine);

          Odessa Petroleum Refining Plant (Odessa, Ukraine);

          "Electrozinc" (Vlakikavkaz, Russia); 

          Oleum Plant (Chelyabinsk, Russia);

          PE "Ammofos" (Almalyk, Uzbekistan); 

          JSC "TadzhikAZOT" (Sarband, Tadzhikistan); 

          Samarkand Chemical Plant (Samarkand, Uzbekistan);

          "KazFosfat" (Taraz, Kazakhstan);

In medicine and pharmaceutics:

          OJSC "GalichFarm" (Lvov, Ukraine); 

          CJSC "Biolek" (Kharkov, Ukraine); 

          State Scientific Center of Pharmaceuticals (Kharkov, Ukraine);

          State Inspections for Pharmaceutical Quality Control (in Kharkov, Chernigov, Rovno, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine);

The core in the Company's management policy is the principle of "mutual trust", which extends not only to the sphere of relations with Customers, but also serves as the basis for intracorporate relations. We hope that our control instruments and systems shall be of use for your companies, and an important constituent in implementation of Your plans.





President of company

Pavel Yakimchuk, Doctor of Science